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BSPS Summer Championships 2010

The Summer Champs this year brought both good and bad. Fortunately the good was the ponies and the bad was THE MUD. Never have we seen such horrendous stable and lorry parking conditions - all brought on by the second days and nights rain!! It was bad!

Lucky for us the ponies were great and jumped really well all week.


Emily Ward and Noble Torreen Lass


First Open Nursery Stakes

First Open 133cm WHP and Open WHP Champion

Second Performance Nursery Stakes

Fifth Desert Orchid 133cm WHP

Supreme Summer WHP 2010!!!

Emily Ward and Stambrook Pavarotti


First Open 143cm WHP

Second Champion of Champion 143cm WHP

Second Red Devision WHP

Third 143cm Desert Orchid WHP

Sophie Schofield and Lilacs Pegatty

Second Open 153cm WHP

Third Champion of Champions WHP

Fourth Red DevisionWHP

Seventh 153cm Desert Orchid WHP

Mell, Stan and Peggy were fantastic all week and jumped their hearts out.

Welldone to Area 2A Cheshire, managed by Paula Seedhouse. Area 2a won the Team Area WHP competition, apparantly for the first time in 13 years.The team consisted of Emily in the 133cm and 143cm, Becky Ashmore 153cm, Callum Barnes Int, Georgia Price Cradle Stakes and .. Great result .

Noble Ponies

Well done to all the Noble ponies competing at the Champs, I kept seeing them winning and being placed including, Noble Rockstar, Noble Super Ted, Noble Cuzco, Noble Ceasar, Noble Bambi, Noble Diamond, Noble Sonic, Pied Piper..................

Very special welldone to Noble Super Ted and Jodie Simmonds who won the Novice Nursery Stakes and stood mini WHP Champion. They then went on to stand Overall Summer Mini Champion. This time last year Ted had just arrived from Ireland, a very green little pony and they have done great things together. Welldone Jodie!



Next task is to steam clean everything, particulary Jame's pram - it will never be the same again!! The ponies will have a chill out before HOYS,  Nick and Emily head straight to Scope for the week and at home some new Irish arrivals will get some attention. No rest for the wicked (or mad)!!