Ruby and Emily Celebrate Print

POYS 2011

King Mac and Emily Ward First Small JC Grand Prix, Second 148cm Special

Prospect Eddie and Emily Second JC Grand Prix Championship

Sligo Lucky and Emily Second second 128cm championship

We these results and several others we can home with great prize money, digital camera, leather headcollars, John Whitaker Bridles, rugs, jackets etc. Thanks again to POYS who always put on a great show with mega prizes.

BSPS Area 1b (30/4/11)

Whilst Nick and Emily were away at Wales and West for the first Children on Horses European trial, Ruby and I headed up to Cumbria for our first RIHS qualifier. With no expectations at all we were pleasantly surprised with a win. Ruby rode very well and Blue behaved impecably.

Charn Secret Legend and Ruby Ward First Lead Rein SHP Qualified RIHS

Noble Starr Barrr and Sophie Schofield Third 158cm Nov WHP

Noble Boulauroug and Abbie Schofield Third 153cm WHP

BSPS Area 2a (1/5/11)

Noble Loughnatousa and Laura Johnson First Novice Int. WH and Novice Champion

Wales and West Chilldren on Horses European Trial

Emily and Nick had a good show, with consistant performances on both The Witch and Leonardo 598.

They have now been selected to go on the BritishTeam in Belgium in two weeks time. Emily is thrilled to have earned her flag is very excited about going abroad to compete.


White Rose County

Noble Loughnatousa and Emily Ward Second Open 153cm WHP

Noble Cool Diamond and Kelly Ward Second Open Horse Workers

Charn Secret Legend and Ruby Ward Second Lead Rein Hunter Type

Noble Johnny Cash and Emily Ward Fifth Novice Nursery

Noble Credit Crunch and Caroline Lyons Fourth Novice Horse Workers