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Wales and West HPI (25-28 July)


Portugal European Championships - Children on Horses

This was a great experience for Emily, riding our own and Michael Whitakers Witch.

Emily and the rest of the team finished with Team Bronze, unfortunately Emily could not finish in the individual final as Witch picked up an injury whilst jumping. This was a massive dissapointment, however they will both be back to fight another day.

Our thanks go to Corrienne Braken and John Killingbeck for all their hard work out there, and to the sponsors - Next, Naf Products .......


BSPS Area 2b(24/7/11)

Noble Boulauroug and Abbie Schofield First and Open WHP Champion

Noble Starr Bar and Sophie Schofield Third mixed height restricted

Charn Secret Legend and Ruby ward Second and reserve Mini Champion


North Of England(19/7/11)

Charn Secret Legend and Ruby Ward fourth LR Hunter type