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POYS Towerlands

We headed off to Towerlands for Pony of The Year Show with Emily and her team of ponies. She had a great show with some fantastic results.

Sligo Lucky Winner 128cm Grand Prix (Generous prizes included a Rug Coat, Laptop, Bridle, Tendon Boots....)

Rockingham Shadow second 128cm Speed Grand Prix


Dinki Diva Third 138cm Classic. sixth 138cm Speed Gand Prix


A fantastic show with very generous prizes and great competition. These ponies will all have a well earned holiday now and let the Working Hunter Horses and Ponies get some work done!!!

Winter Championships 2010

Congratulations to all of those who had success at this years Winter Champs.

Callum Barnes / Noble Rockstar Winners RIHS Qualifier Int WH - Well done Callum who has also qualified 153cm WHP

Sasha Plavsic/Noble Kash Third Novice Int.SH

Jodie Simmonds/Noble Super Ted Fifth Novice Nursery Stakes

Noble Cuzco Winner Novice Gold Cup Dressage

Plus many more results to follow..... Well done all!

Hereford Marches(29/3/10)

Maenans Captain Carelli/Abby Schofield First and Reserve Champion Open M&M WHP

Liliacs Pegatty/Sophie Schofield Fifth Open 153cm WHP

Congratulations to Clare Curry and Noble Star who rang us with great news that they had won the PP SHP Qualifing for RIHS.  Jodie Simmonds also had a fantastic day on Noble Super Ted at BSPS Area 2B taking both mini and Novice WHP Championships. Welldone!! Its always lovely to hear news from our boys and girls!!

SHB(GB) NW Spring Show(28/3/10)

Noble Credit Crunch/Caroline Lyons Third Novice HorseWorkers

Noble Cool Diamond/Caroline Lyons Second Restricted Workers

Addington Pony Show (19/20/3/010)

Sligo Lucky/Emily ward First 128cm Grand prix and First Special 128cm

Rockingham Shadow Emily Ward Third 128cm Special

Supernatural/Emily Ward placed discovery

Southview Premiere BSJA Show

Rockingham Shadow/Emily Ward Second 128cm Winter second round


BSPS Area 9B (6/3/2010)

Noble Toreen Lasss/Emily Ward First 133cm WHP Qualified RIHS

Stambrook Pavarotti/Emily Ward Second 143cm WHP

Lilacs Pegatty/Sophie Schofield Second 153cm WHP

Pontsar Sidan/Emily Ward fourth 122cm M&M WHP